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 I am Taris Smith, Founder and CEO of Smith Transition Productions. I am a 26-year-old, Western Michigan University Alumna (Fall 2020). Here, I earned my Bachelor’s of Science. I majored in University Studies with concentrations in Media Communications and Family Studies. I also run the YouTube channel: Typical Taris, where I produce various lifestyle videos. Through running the Facebook page "Telling Taris: A Transparent Blog Experience"I relay defining moments of my life in an open forum to spread jokes, hope and ultimately, find the meaning.

My passion for film and video began in 2005 where I attended my local YWCA's STEM-based program called "TechGYRLS". It is here that I was formally introduced to digital design through technology. I would go on to "produce" my own digital cooking show. Rightfully titled: Taris' Cooking Show. Before I knew it, I was in middle school.  One of my favorite classes I had was Video Production! I loved how hands on we were and being able to tell your own original story. However, due to the typical peer pressures and the eagerness to not be embarrassed, I kept a low profile with cameras at school. At home though, I was a natural entertainer. I also became extremely fascinated with A picture editing website, that I adored! I went through a huge picture-editing phase during the infamous "MySpace days." Where I'd design pics of myself, friends and family. 
Besides the occasional Drama class, I rarely pursued anything video, acting or theater related in high school. Instead, I became enthralled in the Health and Human Services field. To this day, I find enjoyment from my job because of the impact I've been able to have on people. Throughout the past 7 years, people have also impacted my life by constantly teaching me new lessons and exposing me to new cultures.  Furthermore, I have worked as Executive Media Assistant for Lonna Hardin and Live Your Song, LLC. Where I was the primary consultant for producing and editing the company's social media content.​



Taris Smith, CEO

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After 8 years of not following my passion to be in front of a camera, I started my YouTube channel: Typical Taris. While I'm going on my 4th year on the platform, I am gearing up to be the best version of myself to present to others.  Every aspect of it, I love. Being able to tell my story and edit my videos to convey my messages is incredible.  From editing, to producing, and directing, I love it all. I'm like a younger-no as wealthy yet-much shorter-female version of Tyler Perry. Last but not least, growing up I have always wanted to help people. In fact, that was the only thing I was sure of about my future.



However, I knew that there was even more that I can do to help others. Many, many, many people I hear want to make YouTube videos but they're either not interested in editing or they don't feel like they belong Well, that's where I come in. Because of my passion for capturing memories and also editing videos, I feel that it is necessary to offer this as a service to others. When you put your videos in my hands, you're allowing me to show love through my passion. Every video is edited with love and precision. Just as a chef cooks for their customers with intent to enjoy. As we move forward together, please do not hesitate to give me feedback as I am a first time business owner. As always, I want to personally thank you for partaking in this journey with me,-Taris #DoWhatULove

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