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Mo Brooks, CEO of Mo Brooks Ignites LLC

Smith Transition Productions has been heaven-sent. My social media pages have never been this consistent with so much engagement. People are always telling me how much my pages are encouraging them, and that is because Smith Transition Productions is behind the scene, making me look great. I look forward to continuing our partnership, and you won't be disappointed by partnering with Smith Transition Productions.

Simone Gwion

Great professional company with amazing talent. Ready to create your next vision

Tiffany Johnson of Pushing Forward Ministries

Thank you, for helping Pushing Forward Ministries getting it's name and impact out to the world. You have truly been God sent.

Tamara Smith, CEO of Pedi Me Please LLC

As a business owner, working with Taris at STP has made the transition to entrepreneurship so much easier. She really does put a lot of work and effort into helping her clients. Not only that, Taris goes the extra mile, and pushes you to become greater at your craft. Also, I absolutely love and look forward to the content that STP puts out. Cracks me up every time!

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