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Sometimes Being Me SUCKS: Overcoming Setbacks

Sometimes, being me sucks. If it’s not having the time, feeling uninspired or just regular life situations, then it’s the set-backs. All of this plays a part in not engaging with our online communities. I know that many of us have outside lives and posting online a couple of times a week just seems like the last thing on our minds. Trust me, I know this all too well. I’ve recently joined a new church in a leadership position (and love it), moved to a different city and a host of other factors. Many of my clients, and other people I know, have had similar circumstances. So while I’m glad that I’m not the only person this happens to. There has to be another side to this. RIGHT?

How do we overcome these roadblocks? Well, for one, we take it easy on ourselves. I’ve gone months without posting a thing to randomly go live for 5 minutes and gaining new clients and inquiries from that alone. Firstly, be mindful that it is a balancing act. We want to be authentic and relatable while still putting our best content forward. Secondly, we've got to change our mindset! Some see posting content as meaningless, and maybe it is to them. But for those who it matters to, let’s take initiative and plan on a day to do as much as we can for content. Say it with me: BULK CREATION IS OUR FRIEND!

Day by day, make the content you want to see. Make content for you! (MAJOR KEY) Love being in front of the camera? POSE! Don’t mind writing blogs, well then love: TYPE, friend, TYPE! It’s not easy work. Heck, I’m literally having to encourage myself right now. I was in bed half the day watching YouTube videos. But I know how the end result of having work completed makes me.

Also, make a to-do list. Or as my sister says, an “I Get To-Do” list (to put a positive spin on things 😊). It adds to the accomplished feeling. Also, give yourself an incentive. For me it would be something like “I’ll allow myself to watch 10 videos after I finish work today.” Lol.

Lastly, if you still prefer not to create content for yourself or your brand, remember– that’s why people hire social media managers. If you’re ever looking for a reputable brand, Smith Transition Productions LLC specializes in taking the pressure off of you in this exact area by curating, creating and even scheduling your posts for you. Visit us on Instagram and Facebook: @SmithTPro OR for more information and book your free discovery call today. Happy Creating! 🙏🏽

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