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Available Services

Social Media Management

You're busy! This hassle-free service allows you  to not do the heavy lifting of promoting your business daily in today's online presence. Not only do we schedule your posts, we create customized graphics for you, tailored to your brand's needs. Video editing is also included. Project details vary.

Our specialty platforms are Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. 


Term Length options: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month options are currently available! 

[Starting rate of $245.00/per session depending on client’s needs] 

Partial Social Media Creation/Revamp

When you need a Facebook page to be totally customized to your brand's liking… WE GOT YOU. Give us your ideas and we will bring them to life with a 24-48 hour turnaround. Limited to 1 social platform.


Project details vary.  Contact us for your quote!

Event Promotion

Planning a family reunion or a birthday bash? Let us create the flier and manage updates via email or whichever outlet you may use.  Starting at $220/month Project details vary. Contact us for your quote today.

Kick-Starter Package

Our newest addition! A hands-on option for the tactile folk. If you simply need a head start on planning your content–we can help! STP will produce a curated social media prompt idea worksheet. Amount of days worth of content is TBD with clients. 


Not only do we provide the prompts, we will sit down via Zoom and break down each piece of graphic that you want to produce. Going through each point to ensure it’s to your standard. It’s purpose (why) and when you want to post, along what piece of content you want to use. Start and end at Level 1 or go all the way to Level 3 where we plan, create and schedule your content for 4 months! Minimum is 14 days, maximum is 120 days. You can’t beat this offer. Starting at $300

Full Social Media Creation/Revamp

Allow us to revamp or create from scratch, your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube presence! Provide us with your brand details and we’ll connect all of the ideal pages. Banners, thumbnails, logos and graphics are included. Saving you hours of a creative headache! Project details vary. Contact us for your quote today.

Photo Editing & Graphic Design

A great opportunity for those who are starting out in the editing game! Are you ready to edit? Let us help. 


The Starter Package: Clients will learn how to use iMovie for a project. We will provide a general overview of  how to import content, export projects, add music, adjust audio levels, create intro/outros, the importance of headphones, use of editing with iMac controls and a dedicated time for answering questions. ~$25 per hour


The Deluxe Package: Added perks of this package includes utilizing Audio Library via YouTube, use of Canva for projects and in-depth conversation about the recommended apps we use. Clients will deep dive into  how to use iMovie for a project. We will teach you how to import content, export projects, add music, adjust audio levels, create intro/outros via Canva, the importance of headphones, the use of editing with iMac controls and of course, a dedicated time for answering questions. 

~$45 for 2 hours

Logo Designing

You asked us so we’re offering it. Let us help you bring your brand’s vision to life with a personalized logo design that helps your business or organization STAND OUT from the rest. You will receive 3-5 mockups during the process. Zoom meeting is mandatory so that we can learn more about your brand and it’s goals. 48-72 hour project turnaround.


Starting at $175 A $30 deposit is required.

Graphic Designing

Flyers, thumbnails, event promotions, holiday graphics and more are included! 24-72 hour project turnaround. Starting at $75.

Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for your business.


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