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Kick-Starter Program

Essential this a curated coaching program to help you get your social media presence off the ground. You're provided with all of the content you need to jump start this process, During our coaching sessions we will go over:

Creating a specialized 90-Day Plan of Content for Your Brand

Meeting with you and breaking down each day of content.


1. Providing 90 days of social media prompts

2. Framework (Why)

3. Use (Where)

4. Date of postings (When)

5. Content to use (What)

Level 1

Prior to meeting, clients will be sent a questionnaire about their social media needs. 


STP will produce a social media prompt idea worksheet. This includes up to X amount of days worth of content, to be discussed with client. Minimum is 14 days, maximum is 120 days. Not only do we provide the prompts, we will sit down via Zoom and break down each piece of graphic that you want to produce.



Going through each point to ensure it’s to your standard. It’s purpose (why) and when you want to post, along what piece of content you want to use. Boosted Ads are major & will also be properly discussed in meetings. Please know that this is at least a 2.5 hour project meeting. You will receive a hard copy as well as an email version after it’s completed.

At a market value of over $1,500, we are offering this now for $300!

Level 2

Let STP LLC create all your content for you! Afterall, we know what you want and we see your vision from Level 1. Allow us to create your specialized videos and graphics. Don’t need us to do all of them? No problem, let us know which projects you want done by us. *Minimum of 15 projects. Maximum 120 projects.  Project turn-around TBD. 

This is a great option because you will have full access to all of your content that we’re making for your brand once it’s complete.

$250 for entire content project 


Graphics starting at: $11/per

Videos starting at: $13/per 

Level 3

 STP LLC schedules all of your content for your brand. You don’t worry about a THING. We got you! We want to help grow your business and brand. That means that reaching a bigger audience with key words is VITAL. Only by utilizing the social media platforms that have been approved by you, we can also work with content you have already prepared. The price of this service varies on how many posts per day and how many days you want to post.

Starting at $7/post

30 days of only scheduling posts: $150

Let's Work Together

Kick-Starter Program prices may vary. Contact us for your quote today. 

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